Yunnan Bridge Crossing Rice Noodles: Vivocity Food Republic's latest addition

The air-conditioning was blasting with immense ferocity causing an involuntary shiver to travel down my spine; my squishy footsteps accompanied by the periodic drippings of my pitiful looking umbrella which had taken a beating from the looming storm outdoors; were all that one could hear as I paced through the grounds.

It was 11 00am and the crowds were nowhere to be seen in the usually packed Food Republic in VivoCity. Brushing past the various stores, each one peddling their goods in aromas and sweat over furrowed brows - the anticipation for a good lunch crowd is real and the vibe in the room, a contained sort of electrifying.

To consume, firstly, pour in the quail egg followed by the other side ingredients and finally the noodles. The dish is ready to be consumed in just 10 seconds!
I made a beeline for the Yunnan Bridge Crossing Rice Noodles stall; the newest stall to grace the scene at the bustling Food republic VivoCity. A piping hot bowl of noodles in soup, if that's not the definition of cold weather comfort nosh, I don't know what is. Representing the province's most ubiquitous dish; the stall dishes out ominous bowls of boiling soup to which they add in rapid succession, a selection of thin meat slices, vermicelli, vegetables and much more. Akin to a hot pot, but due to the bowls being heated to a remarkable 250 degrees celsius (yes, I was quite afraid at this point), ingredients are ready in an instant of being tossed into the aromatic bubbling soup stock.

There are options of 5 bases; each one varying in its accompanying spread of ingredients ranging from quail eggs to chicken wing/drumlet, tofu, tofu skin, black fungus, ham, corn and seafood even. Try the Original Cross-the-Bridge Rice Noodles ($7.80) to reminisce those 'chicken-soup-for-the-soul' moments. The broth, the result of an arduous brew from chicken and pork bones is creamy, slick with a film of oil and incredibly aromatic. One thing to note is that their noodles are indeed unique in a sense that they carry a little weight, each strand, not as densely packed with little lingering flavor of alkaline; a perfect match-up to the oleaginous broth.

Fans of full flavored tomato and chicken soup base will find consolation in the tomato soup rice noodles ($8.50) at Yunnan Bridge Crossing Rice Noodles, the underlying tones of original creamy chicken broth is made more appetising with a healthy tinge of red and a muted tanginess from the insertion of tomato paste. We also love the pickled cabbage rice noodles ($8.50), this version unabashedly sour and spicy with pickled cabbage, green chili, spices and vinegar. You could add on fresh slices of fish which we think is a perfect match.

The soup base also plays the perfect foil to the lip-numbing spiciness that is presented in the Spicy Mala Rice Noodles ($8.50) - choose from 3 levels of spiciness, each taking leisurely steps in exploding its fiery effects on your palate. You've been warned!!!

And other expected bits of Chinese hospitality are seen here. Sides in varied colors ranging from beancurd skin, peanuts with vinegar and sweet and sour radish ($2 each) defines the age old techniques of pickling. Come to think of it, these are the perfect introduction (or finale) to the piping hot meal; especially if you're daring enough to embark on the intimidating Mala option and I would strongly recommend you order it to complete the meal

It has once been quoted that 'The hardest thing in life is deciding which bridge to cross and which to burn.' We sure as hell are crossing this bridge with guns ablazing.

Yunnan Bridge Crossing Rice Noodles
Level 3
1 Harbour Front Walk

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