Don Meijin: Look past the Chilli Crab Tendon

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder at Ramen Champion; the through-bred recruited their newest contender, wait, WHUT? A specialist donburi joint which does only Japanese rice bowls.

Before you go on to discount this manoeuvre as a sell-out, hear me out, the long queues at lunch are justifiable given it's wallet friendly fare with a certain respect for quality.

Take the signature Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon ($14.80) for example, true to description, the spectrum of flavors fall more squarely on the spicy and salty side. Voluminous bowls of imported Japanese rice is topped by black tiger prawn tempura, asparagus, pumpkin, salmon, eggplant and kakiage amidst other treasures and drenched in that snow crab fluffed up sauce. Honest opinion, there's no way you're getting that quantity and quality for $14.80 anywhere else. And as a cherry on top, the glistening mass of al-dente rice at the bottom of the bowl comes imported from Hokkaido, Japan. If you're a traditionalist with an innate fear of not finishing every grain or rice on your plate, I would strongly advise going for the Signature Tendon with Ochazuke Set ($13.80 + $2 for top up); gingerly stow your tendon offerings to one side and after you're done with half of your rice, top it up with wasabi, rice crisp and a good splash of dashi broth to form a steamy porridge of sorts. This works in miraculous ways to not only create a different experience altogether but also assists in washing down the hefty meal.

Another outstanding contender is the Mille Feuille Katsu Don, and for only $12.80? Get outta town! The usual comfort fare studded with caramelized onions and oodles of scrambled stewed eggs on the side of the tender 14-layer marinated pork loin chop floats my boat so completely.

Not to be missed is the seemingly Chinese inspired Pork Shogayaki Don ($12.80). Spicy ginger accompanies tender braised pork slices with familiar washes of sweet mirin over white rice. Not entirely a good-looker but falls on homespun territory so much so that one wants to grab one in rainy day situations. 

Blessed with a chill-out ambience, polite staff and a somewhat efficient service despite the long queues, Don Meijin is a good respite from the run-off-the-mill Japanese chain restaurants. For a quick delicious meal of substantial portions, do visit the joint nestled at the top levels of Bugis+.

Don Meijin
Ramen Champion Bugis+
201 Victoria Street
t: 6238 1011

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 11 30am - 10 30pm
Sat - Sun: 10 30am - 10 30pm

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