Singapore Cocktail Festival 2017: Chasing Stars (or Guest Bartenders) Part 2

Took a day's breather from the roll call as yours truly is currently winging SGCF duties on barely 4 hours of sleep. *groans*. If I could be an inanimate object, it would be a piece of rotting wood, a little bit of moss on the side to elaborate on the fermentation process. BUT, I'm back with a vengeance! 3 days into the festival and we've hit the halfway mark. If you've been reserving your liver, or if you've got the means of a back-up generator, here are some of the guest shifts and events that you should definitely drop in for!

19/3 (Monday)

The Wall/ Fabbri 1905 and Tiger's Eye Whisky Guest/ 7 - 11pm

For one night only, watch as three guest bartenders representing the Italian brand, Fabbri (best known in my books for their amazing Amarena Cherries and Pistachio paste; Yes, I did work as a sales rep for them for a bit) take over The Wall's bar. Mr Kenny Hong, Mr Diego Ferrari (Italy) and Mr Jane Kaew-Yod (Bangkok) will churning out the good stuff.
Photo Credit: The Wall Facebook

Nutmeg & Clove/ Battle of Thailand/ 8pm - 12am

Photo Credit: Nutmeg and Clove Facebook

Watch two of the best bars from Thailand pit their talents against each other in a royal rumble like no other. Are you team Backstage Cocktail Bar of Team Rabbit Hole?

Skinny's Lounge/ Red White and Booze/ 9pm - 2am

Looking for a party with an attitude? This after-after-party is probably the place you're going to wound up at. Red White and Booze makes a comeback after last year's smashing event. Come soak in a night of fun and frivolity with a roster of American startenders pumping out delicious drinks on the other end. Ricky Paiva of Bacardi, Employee Only's Jake Page and Michael Callaan, Gina Kent of Anti:dote and more will be spearheading the tipple trip. Sounds like a riot already doesn't it? Proceeds for the night will go to The Red Pencil, a charity that focuses on giving the disadvantaged an outlet through the arts.

Manhattan Bar/ Naren Young/ 9 - 11pm

Despite Dante New York City's youth, it has already been nominated to be one of the World's Top 50 Bars. Naren Young who presides over the drinks program at the joint runs a tight ship and you'll be able to witness this first-handedly as he helms the swanky Manhattan Bar for a night. Shimmy over to bar and you might even hear a tale or two about his 20-year bartending journey.

The Other Room/ Kris Du/ 12 - 3am

Hailing from Shanghai's Speak Low is Kris Du who slaved side by side with legend Shingo Gokan. Grab those dancing shoes and show off those flashy disco moves; of course, it wouldn't help to have some liquid confidence advocated by Kris's crazy Disco night menu! Planning to party through to the wee hours of the morning, this is the joint to hit up.

20/3 (Monday)

Vasco/ Slowest Hands in the East/ 7 - 11pm

Photo Credit: Vasco Facebook

Obviously a tongue in cheek jab at 28 Hong Kong Street's brazen affair of Fastest Hands in the East, Vasco will play host to the tall ones - Christian Hartmann and Joel Fraser. Take a breather at this mosh-pit of South-American spirited den and chill out to friendly banter, great food and tasty tipples. Just remember, patience is a virtue.

28 HKS/ Fastest Hands in the East/ 10pm - 2am

The real McCoy. It's going to get hot in herre, shirts will probably come off, and we're counting on that to drive you down for the showiest event of the festival. The awesome little speed competition that first made waves last year is making a comeback at the 28 Chambers. Come watch as clans of 3-4 speed warriors battle it out for the coveted title. Drink tickets are priced at $15 nett each and sales will be conducted within the venue.

Operation Dagger/ Like-Minded Creatures/ 7 - 9pm

Photo Credit: Operation Dagger Facebook

Three's a crowd, but I'm sure with Alex Kratena of P(our), Matt Whiley of Peg and Patriot and Luke Whearty of Operation Dagger, things are going to be a riot. Three of the most creative and twisted minds in the industry convene for a night of good fun. Each bartender will present one bottled cocktail, one freestyle cocktail and a short serve (shot), that means there's plenty to choose from!

Crackerjack/ Disrepute (London) Pop-up/ 8pm - 12am

Disrepute makes a guest appearance at fun-house Crackerjack. Drawing on the landscape, stories and infamy that gave birth to London's Carnaby street, Disrepute brings back the classic Soho members club with a nod to the generation of optimism.

Fat Prince/ Saigon Takeover/ 8 - 11pm

Fat Prince takes a leave from it's Middle Eastern roots with a Saigon Takeover. Catch team members of Glow Sky Bar, Ly club, Social Club Saigon, Medley coffee and bar as well as Mr Fogg's Residence display their skills here.

Stay tuned for my last instalment and final round-up of guest bartending shifts for #SGCF2017 happening on Tuesday. It's going to be wild since we're half expecting the whole gin gang to want to go out with a bang!

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