Ninja Bowl: Indulge in their NEW brunch nosh

Once again, Ninja Bowl satisfies Singaporeans need for constant innovation in the brunch fare department with the addition of 5 new dishes to it's menu. Was I blown away? Not really, the 'ingenuity' fostered by a clever permutation and combination technique of it's long time signatures such as the Gyu and Tama as well as the Ebisu (read here). Still, I waxed lyrical after my meal since every dish presented me a refreshing facade. The Japanese flair represented, more forthright than before.

You'll be guaranteed one thing for sure when visiting on a weekday lunch, the joint is flashy and a bit of a scene with diners traversing the grounds at incredible speeds. Make your reservations if you must, and please, for heaven's sake, stick to them.

The menu is fairly predictable at Ninja Bowl, but that breeds a certain sort of familiarity, the combinations soundly oddly intimate, despite not physically having enjoyed it before. Take for example the Aligot-O Gozaimasu ($18) which unites pork katsu, truffle cheese mashed potatoes, poached eggs and ume apple slaw. If I were being honest, I could have this everyday!!! The large breaded and fried pork katsu, tender to the bite and delicious in unison with the well-seasoned cheesy mashed potatoes below. I also enjoyed the pool of sriracha gathered below the poached egg but wished that it was more distributed throughout the dish. A squeeze of lemon wedge would have been nice but the acidity from the ume apple slaw did serve the same purpose.

For something a little more comforting, I would suggest the Ninja Okonomiyaki ($18). It's particularly fantastic with 24-hour braised beef cheek and mini savoury Japanese pancakes loaded with 2 poached eggs. It's placement, perfect for a landslide of yolk goodness to smother the entire dish. Be warned, this is extremely filling, so order this preferably on an empty stomach.

One thing you won't regret ordering is the Mentaiko Scrambled ($18) - you get huge hits of mentaiko throughout runny scrambled eggs punctuated with crunchy edamame beans and furikake. The piece de resistance would be those 5 plump scallops which jack up the value of the dish to an amicable $18 dollars. Take my money.

The other two new dishes are the Steak and Udon ($18) as well as the Shinjuku Comfort ($18) which once again bring its perennial favourites of NZ flank steak and Salmon Confit into new territories. Would they be pleasing? I daresay, yes.

Ninja Bowl
 15 Duxton Road S(089481)
t: 62228055

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 9 30am - 9 30pm
Sat - Sun: 9am - 6pm

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