[NEW] Philly Shack: Home to the Philadelphia Cheesesteak

It's been awhile folks, and I apologise for my absence. Here to make up for me playing hooky, I'm going to tell you about this new joint in the Clarke Quay precinct that I've had the privilege of suffering the weight of its entire menu. (Then again, this only came to mind whilst preparing to head out to Zouk's Official Opening Party over the weekend, so that's a blessing in disguise!)

Philly Shack arose when the owners of now defunct Butchers Club decided to take matters in their own hands and do a spin-off on their own concept. As a result, a new fast food joint, Philly Shack was born. Touting the Philly Cheesesteak as it's MVP, the rest of the menu highlights the regular American fast food joint fare, everything from Buffalo Wings, Onion rings to Burgers and Boozy milkshakes. Making it the ideal pit stop for a hunger-pang-busting lunch, chillax after-work spot to convene over drinks or a late-night closer when one is intoxicated.

Now, down to the itty gritty. Philly Shack's food left my tongue tingling and palate assaulted by the tirade of spices of seasoning on practically everything. Being more accustomed to the dainty fare as of late, I found it hard to manoeuvre 2 dishes at Philly Shack, much less the whole works!

We were initiated by Philly Shack's Wings (6pcs for $8.50), slathered in spicy housemade habenero sauce, these aren't for the faint of heart. I would however, steer clear of the Beer Battered Onion Rings ($5) unless you're a fan of the flour overdose, the batter carrying a myriad of spices so pungent that it tries to win its argument through force rather than gentle persuasion.

As compared to its predecessor, the Philly Shack Burger ($17.50) is a safe and almost too-boring fella that left me non-plus. Another problem it's plagued by is consistency, the seasoning of the two burgers at the table being drastically different. The same applies for the degree of doneness, one a satisfying juicy stack while the other, reduced to a regrettable gritty mess that calls for sips of boozy milkshake to swoop in for the rescue.

The Philly's Chicken Burger ($14) on the other hand breaks the rules and triumphs with it peculiar formula of golden pineapple over battered chicken thigh. Topped with housemade relish, the overall combination was reminiscent of our local dish, chicken rice? Yes, even I was baffled at this point.

Despite it's restrained appearance, Philly Shack's naughty boozed up milkshakes are a worthy shot. We tried both the Chocolate Bourbon and the Peanut Butter Jelly (both $13), and I immediately swore allegiance to the latter, so, the jelly might a bit insufficient but the crazy amount of peanut butter incorporated into creamy thick shake, stole my heart.

Then of course, there's the unavoidable mainstay, the Philadelphia Cheesesteak ($15) which I would implore all of you to order when hitting the bench. It's hearty, juicy, moreish and extremely impractical for weight-watchers (who gives a sh**). Opt for the Fully Loaded ($18) and you'll be blessed with a astounding sight of sliced rib eye beef, caramelised onions, sauteed mushrooms, jalapenos with a cheez whiz blanket packed between soft pillowy bread rolls. For days you want to switch it up, there's American cheese and Provolone for the snobs. However, for me, cheez whiz is truly synonymous of the cheese steak experience; so, there's no choice.

Philly Shack opens its doors daily from 12pm, serving lunch, dinner and drinks.

Philly Shack
3A River Valley Road
Clarke Quay

Operating Hours:
Sun - Tues: 12 - 11pm
Wed - Sat: 12pm - 2am

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