feeling lost


sometimes feelings are so hard to comprehend.

today, i went to fetch Zhiheng at the airport from his trip in the Maldives. *yawnz*..was sooo lazy to drag my lazy ass body out of the hse..but somehow managed to reach the gate right on the dot. After which, we headed out for breakfast together and a movie. *curse the damm vivo cinemas.. why cater the air-con power of the theatre to a full hse when there is barely more than 20+ pple in the cinema?!?!* ARGH!!! as a result, we both emerged out of the igloo 2.5 hours later resembling icicles stiff from the cold. Gosh..even our limbs were aching from the freezing temperatures!

Stopped over for some hot tea and delicious Carrot cake which i was craving for at cedele deport. Meanwhile Zhiheng had a bowl of warm steamy clam chowder soup. *yumz*

and in case u guys didn't knoe..after u've gotten a bite out of the carrot cake from cedele..hmph.. every other carrot cake will pale in comparison..trust me on tt one. haha.

then, we headed to shop for a gift for my tuition kid nicholas whose bdae is TODAY!!! i mean tues 24th July! Woots. happie bdae little boi! haha

hmph.. nic (my primary 5 tuition kid) tried to electrocute me after i finish teaching him the chapter on electricity. using wired connected to my large hoop earrings and then attempting to shove the external circuit into the main electrical socket. EMERGENCY!!! we;ve got a crazy kid on hand. I swear to u tt his brilliant little mind is constantly thinking of new ways to torture me. haha. Naughty boy.. haha. ( so tts Nicholas in the picture below.. thank goodness he decided to be a good boi and turn ard to face the camera for this million-dollar shot. haha. )
my second session of tuition continued at Xu'en's place where we embarked on the journey to conquer qns from coordinate geometry. *yawnz*..forgotten how tedious the whole process can be.. haha. hmph.. Chocolatey chocolate chip cookies for u? hehe... *nudges*

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