my new tuition kid

went for my new assignment today at tessarina. Due to a little bad navigation skills (my bad), got a little lost in the midst. Had to call up the mother and apologise for my late coming. Oh well. Arrived there to find out that they only recently released Nicholas's science teacher. turns out tt she was a primary school teacher who apparently knew the syllabus at the back of her hand but was given the sack coz she was too boring. *pengz*.. WHAT KINDA reason is tt? hmph..was thinking to myself..this boy must be a tyrant.

Tuition started off smoothly, the young boy as his mother put it was 'terribly bright' and he appeared to absorb facts reallie fast. To the extent tt i thought was pretty amazing. he was silent as first as though observing my character, but after abot half an hour he broke the ice and was soon rattling on and on about maple story and his activities in school. haha. guess wat, he even discussed pretty morbid ways to torture me for example making me tumble over some long spears till i bleed to death. Guess he didn't mean it *cross fingers*. i hope. haha. But it was all in the name of good fun. He's incredibly clever though. Pretty pressurizing teaching a kid like tt. Hit it off with his mum as well, turns out she was pretty much a traveller as well. when i mentioned my recent trip to Vietnam, she enquired about Nha Trang, and from there we launched into a multitude of discussions regarding beautiful beaches. interesting. haha. hope she likes me.

To DesmoVu: sorrie for fucking up! pls dun kick my ass when i go back to skool.

anyway hope u guys love the pics of the cupcakes below. hehe. i heart them! hehe..still wondering what to do with the extra berries in my fridge. Fruit tart or blueberry muffins? hmph...

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