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Gone fishing
finally had the opportunity to make a stop over at Gone Fishing.. a lovely little family eatery near my place at Chu Lin road to be exact. Situated in a slpy little neighbourhood surrounded by residential areas mostly, it was the epitome of a quaint little cafe ideal for lazy afternoons.

Hungry from the whole morning of non-stop tuitioning. I had a stop over for lunch at the cafe which i had long wanted to check out since i came across it in an online forum. pity i didn't bring my camera with me, or else it wld be a rather trigger happy situation for me. in fact, i feel tt this wld be the perfect location for a birthday party! love the walls..full of scribbles and comments..some non-sensical and some meaningful quotes. How quirky!

So, after a quick scan thru the menu which honestly was short of being extensive. i was quick to come to the decision of having the set menu which consisted of the norm soup of the day, main course and beverage. for starters, the soup of the day which was to be chunky mushroom was served almost immediately. I've had my fair share of being served lousy mushroom soup of canned consistency in several resturants and even some higher end eateries hence i wasn't holding any kind of expectations for the soup they were serving up. However, i was pleasantly delighted by their delicious soup. its name fell as perfect description for the texture of the soup. Creamy and yet chunky with a lovely blend of mushrooms, portebello and oyster mushrooms chucked into every mouthful. It was utter bliss. Next up was my main course Polish Sausage. Two thick and lovely sausages, lightly sauteed with a small mold of chicken rice and a fresh serving of lettuce and shredded carrots on the sides. Looked pretty wholesome to me... enjoyed it very much though it was nothing to shout about. The highlight was of course to be the Almond coffee... which to me was pretty rare considering the large number of coffee chains tt have sprung up in recent times, this concoction was rarely found on the menu. and yet in this suburban little eatery, the almond coffee was the star of the show. Served generously in a huge cup, i could smell the strong aroma of almond infused with coffee straight away. I do not claim to be a huge lover of almond. old habits die hard, never did like almond in my desserts. But i must say tt the almond coffee was a rather interesting drink, intriguing to the taste buds and soothing to the soul. My mum loved it and her face swooned of lust with her very first gulp. She was taken...

Gone Fishing, a resturant led by husband and wife team is indeed a place for the unhurried soul. A good place for reflections and heart to heart chats with best pals. a perfect spot to chill out, lay back, grab a coffee and simply watch the world go by..

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