pissed off

Attended Steven's party at Aloha ytd. was kinda feeling outta place since i was the only one from his cadet days present there. Photo-taking was such a paiseh experience. haha. THank goodness i managed to click with this other girl Geok Lan from his Jc who apparently was there alone as well. well, conclusion, the world is small. So happens tt yc used to be her classmate and they were rather close frens. how interesting.. haha. Oh well, gave her a lift home coz the poor girl lives all the way in Boon Lay. how very nice of her to drop by the party. Anyway, to Steven, happy 21st yar! hope u grow up in many ways, more of spritually rather. Take care and see u ard skool yar. Yeh.. REMINDER: SIHAN STUDIES IN NTU!!! haha. *bleah*

perhaps its my pms-ing. just feel so angsty these few days.. almost partially blew my top during this morning's lesson. Gosh.. gotta learn to control my temper... been going thru ups and downs these few days. Strange eating habits and all. Running a lot too these days. In fact i woke up suddenly at 7 this morning and figured tt i had to let off some steam thus i went for an hour long jog. Total mileage since Sundayis approximatedly 60km. Can't go swimming..coz of..erm.. hah. yeh. However, this running scheme is starting to lose its effect, still feeling as mad as ever even after all the heart-pumping action. Its just lyke some evil monster raging inside of me, i'm losing grip of myself. I hate such periods.. just wish the storm wld go away sooner.

Meanwhile i wait patiently for his return...

Theres no kindness in your eyesThe way you look at me, it's just not rightI can tell whats going on this timeTheres a stranger in my lifeYou're not the person that I once knewAre you scared to let them know it's you?If they could only see you like I do Then they would see a stranger too

excerpt taken from Hillary Duff's 'stranger'

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