the wkend

the wkend

Enjoyed my weekend thoroughly thanks to the marvellous company of my gurls. hehe. Met up with Ai ren Jennie on Friday night to watch Harry Potter which i honestly thought was intriguing but somewhat forgettable. Hmph, after tt i drove us to Clarke Quay for supper and some drinks. wld have ended off a sweet night not if my mum hadn't slap me on the head when i got back for drink driving. *bleah*. Gawd..i only had one glass! made Jennie drink the rest k. WATEVER... kk. tts so not the point.

Me and Ai Ren

doing some late night sinning at TCC (yummy tofu with mozzeralla cheese..SHIOK!)
Sat was tuitioning as usual and baking up a storm for Cat's Bdae. Did a literally short Very-Berry CheeseCake for her cake and a couple dozen cupcakes for all her guests. hehe. Compliments of Sihan yar. hehe. Well, loved the berry cheesecake but it cld have use a little more time in the fridge. Guess i shldn't have procrastinated and make it the night before. Bet the flavours wld have further improved as the berries soaked in a mixture of cointreau and sugar syrup, becoming further more plump and delicious. hehe. For cupcakes, i did the general Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Frosting, garnished differently for various effects as well as the Vietnam Coffee Cupcakes( trying to recreate the effect of drinking coffee in viet). haha. Fresh aromatic Cupcakes filled with condensed milk pudding and topped off with whipped cream. hehe. I hope it did the drink justice yar. hehe.

Met up with Lihui on Sunday for some shopping! apparently, River island and Top Shop were having end of season sales so we decided to check out the stuff. Tried out loads of clothes but to our dismay, found nothing tt reallie caught our attention. oh well, so my buy of the day was a piece of heavenly carrot cake from cedele and a cupcake book from the bookshop. YEH! haha. had a great time chatting with Lihui though. We are both such non-sensical pple.*woops*. haha.

Orite. so tts for the wkend. now back to my adoring photos.. *tee hee*

so to end off. here's a shoutout to the birthday girl! Happy 21st Catherine! *winkz*

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