random findings

random findings

lets see.. things have been happening at too fast a frequency these days. so lets see.. oh well, went to joo chiat for a 'cool down' session after a reallie hot and furious car chase. *gasp* lets forgo the details on this one. yep. Suddenly recalled tt i was so near Obolo, the gourmet cheesecake pattessierie! so it was a mad hunt for the tiny little cafe in joo chiat district which thank goodness wasn't too big so the hunt didn't take us too long. Settled in house for a cup of non-sweetened early grey tea which perfectly complimented the 3 slices of gorgeous cake tt we had. YUMZ! all in all we had the Noisette, New York Cheesecake and the Mango Passion. For me, i thought the new york and mango cheesecake were nothing to rave about. the Noisette on the other hand, dark chocolate mousse, caramelized toasted hazelnuts, crunchy praline feullitine, chocolate genoise enrobed in chocolate glaem. tt description alone was enough to send me drooling all over the floor (which of course i didn't do if not i wld be disgrace). the slice of cake was lyke heaven as it slid off the polished spoon and slooshed about at the back of my mouth. i was captivated, enthralled by all the different textures and flavours tt the cake carried. It worked its magic up to the moment it disappeared, its flavour still lingering at the back of my throat. somewhat deep and mysterious. the piece of gold flake adorning the top of the chocolate glaze was the highlight though and it made me feel lyke a million bucks as soon as it touched my lips. So to all u decerning viewers out there... these are the cheesecakes to try! the BEST cheesecakes in town w/o a doubt.

watched the movie 'knocked up' too. was a pretty hilarious movie..pretty good dosage of the f-word in there. But i must admit that the show was realle downright farnie. Humour wise, it hit the spot, not dry comedy nor cliched lines. highly recommended. plus there were a few lessons to be learnt from the show... haha.. watch the show to find out yeh? haha. Can't wait for Bourne Ultimatum to come out! Kp! i book u to watch le hor!!!

oh yesh.. last of all, ordering macarons from a Evan from Kitchen Ramblings. had a tough time deciding on the flavors though.. there were so many to choose from!!! the price is rather expensive too but worth it for all the effort put in i suppose... her macarons look divine, just cldn't resist. plus its all the hype now. Wondering if its just empty shells with uber sweet innards. haha. Hope this trial wld change my perception of the famous french pastry... Stay tuned for updates soon yar! dun worrie Weiyi and Rina..u'll certainly get a taste of them yar!

Last of all, i wld lyke to share a mtv tt i've caught recently, brought a tear to my eye. guess its the end part tt reallie struck a chord in me. when she read the msg from her husband at war tt 'i'm ok. I miss you.' i totally melted inside. Fantastic song by Avril Lavigne. Rock on girl...

Avril Lavigne -- When you're gone

Sorrie for my rather random post today. its evident tt my thoughts come in little surges of energy. oh yesh.which reminds me of the link my tuition kid Nicholas sent me today. its reallie cool pls watch it yar! haha. Pretty cool stuff. Animator vs. Animation II. Wacky stuff man. Trust me, u won't regret watching this one.

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