a tale of magic eggs and rich broth

After our mini oggling session inspired by talks of an episode of ramen,I decided to do some in depth research on the techniques of hanjuku eggs.

Essentially soft-boiled eggs done japanese style. These beauties are thrown into a malted vinegar ice bath after a hot tub session to aid the albumen in the egg whites to set gently whilst the yolk remains runny. Then later, they are placed gently into the marinade composed of a mixture of mirin and japanese soya sauce, where their prolonged immersion resulted in a lovely caramel colored coating.


Upon hearing that Santouka Ramen @ Central served up these amazing eggs alongside one of the best ramens as proclaimed by many die hard ramen fans. My tongue tingled for a bit of the action. At Santouka ramen, the sight of queue at 9 15 pm reaffirmed the notion that this dish was good, drawing in the crowds even at such an odd hour. I happily tucked into Pork Cheek Ramen Set w Miso Soup,and in the midst of all the soul churning, nodded in unison with all the other agreeable diners. I indulged myself in the lavishness of the rich pork broth combined with the lethal combination of braised pork cheek silvers that yielded to the heat of my tongue in a slow dissolution. Amazing.


My only qualm... the hefty price tag. But still... amazing pork cheek in exchange.. that's a no-brainer.

Ramen Santouka
The Central
Open 11am to 9.30pm daily

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