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It's not often that I get a strong hint as to which restaurant I want to dine in. Blame it on my easy-going nature and lack of decisiveness, it can truly be such a frustrating event with friends sometimes. However, due to my building anticipation that resulted ever since seeing the construction panels surrounding the mystery space opposite our usual haunt Eric Kayser in Dubai Mall; I was itching to try Social House.

And upon my return from my short trip back to Singapore, I had the opportunity to pick out the lunch venue for the afternoon. "I want to go to Social House", I blurted; these words carrying an odd ring to it with a tinge of authoritativeness usually not present in my voice. *shrugs* Even I scared myself.

So.. social house it was.

All was in perfect order and I relished in the photo opportunity having fallen immediately in love with the high open ceilings and drop lights complete with the high shelving showcasing brilliantly marketed products meant to promote the fun-loving nature of Social House. Until.. I got a warning from the manager that other customers were not pleased with my spam of photography. I was deeply shocked since I did make a conscious effort to leave these people out of my shots, still I abide by the rules and placed my camera down like a docile little lamb, not without a silent resentment in my heart nonetheless.

The food on a whole was excellent and my bibimbap was gorgeously flavored with a tinge of curry powder (non conventional but still a good twist on the usual), extremely flavorful and addictive even to the last bite. The cappuccino on the other hand was disappointing despite my suspects of a joint venture with provision of coffee from Brunetti.


Special mentions goes out to the dessert. A warm banana tart with chocolate and caramel drizzle served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Delicious in all ways given the crisp buttery puff pastry, the caramelised bananas in the center accentuated by the coolness of an accompanying bite of ice cream.

All in all, Social House is definitely not a fad and with its unique blend of cuisines from all over the world delivered in an appetising fashion. I'm pretty sure that the large crowds that have gathered in the restaurant are here to stay, at least for some time to come.

Social House
Dubai Mall

Opening Hours
Sun – Wed: 8am – 11pm
Thu – Sat: 8am – 12am

Call : +971 4 339 8640
Fax : +971 4 330 8185
Email :

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Nassim Nasr said...

Today we were asked to leave the Social House if we didn’t agree to move to a different table, so we chose to leave and all the manager could do was say he is sorry.

Let me tell you how it started, we asked the waitress if we could sit on a specific table which she said yes to.

After sitting we ordered drinks while going through the menu. Another waiter came up and said that we had to move to a different location because this part of the restaurant was shut down, when we asked why, he said because they were fumigating it.

I was shocked to hear that they were fumigating a restaurant in the middle of the day while there were lots of people walking around and sitting only meters away from the area we were in. of course I didn’t believe him and I said that he was insulting our intelligence and if they insisted on us moving we would leave.

So the waiter left to get the manager, who then asked us to move tables and if we didn’t want to he would be happy for us to leave which we did.

I have to say that this has never happened to me before in my life. The manager of the Social House must be one of the worst restaurant managers ever to allow something like this to happen.

Especially when they are teaching their staff to tell customers that they are fumigating in the middle of the day while to place is open for work. Shouldn’t the Dubai Health Authority be informed incase this is really happening?

Anyway, I will never step back in this restaurant ever again and would suggest to anyone else thinking of going not to.

Please spread the word and let people understand that they can’t get away with doing whatever they want without having to pay the consequence.