Sushi with a side of Manga


'Would you like a side of anime with that order of ebi tempura, ma'am?', BOY, would I have not been surprised to hear that line coming from the waitresses (clad in school girl uniforms complete with scarf and a braid of pink extension in their hair to resemble Japanese school girls from anime).

In terms of novelty factor, Manga Sushi leads the way in the Japanese food scene within Dubai. Breaking through the dime in dozen syndrome with its unique dining concept, complete with special uniforms, anime drawings splattered all across the walls and even the owner's personal collection of manga at the diners' fingertips.

Quirky factor aside, Manga Sushi delivers in terms of consistency of its food. Neither can you rate it extremely good nor drag it down in a bottomless pit of rants and disapprovals. The Spider (soft shell crab tamaki) served in either 3/6 pieces was mediocre, if not a little lacklustre with the absence of vinegar in the sushi rice prodding me towards a slight irritant state. That aside, the soft shell crab on its own was done quite well. Equally run-off-the-mill was my order of Ebi Tempura, it's batter not reaching the light frothy state that was enough to will me into submission. But I must admit to having slightly pampered taste buds. And in this case, it just wasn't enough.

All in all, Manga Sushi has personality, and that probably serves as its' only draw factor for patrons to return back for more. If you're looking for quality Japanese food, perhaps you would like to give Kiku a try instead. *twiddles thumbs*

Manga Sushi
Beach Park Plaza Centre, Jumeirah, Dubai
Opening times:
Sun-Wed 11am-11.30pm; Thu-Fri 11am-1am
Tel: 04 342 8300

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