In the Making: Oven Heaven


Trepidation, anxiety, zeal and a spritz of hope. The current mixture to our project 'Oven Heaven'.

I'm praying that my shipment clears customs without a hitch. But some how I have my doubts.

Now I've got deal with conditional release requests for shipment to be signed where inspection of my deferred consignments will be carried out at my warehouse.

I wish I had a runner. During my recent visit to the Karama Dubai Municaplity office, I took a quick peek at the crowd in the room and realise that I was the only non-Indian. Having the food control department staff pointing to your name on the trade license and asking you 'so, who's your boss?'  is a rather awkward experience.

erh... 'I am?'

More updates soon.


zh said...

srry only saf has runner... u mean personal assistant

SiHaN said...

Sheesh.. you're right. too many army terminologies for me. By bad.