don't hold on too tightly

A peaking light. Reaching its' ultimate heights of its glorified illumination. Only to find out the player under the sun was blind all along. She did not see the creations he shone upon, her hands filled with the warmth of objects radiating its gentle spray of heat. She opened her mouth to feast on the berries that her blossomed at the generousity of the sun's energy. The careless winds whispering promises of sweet returns and images of majestic sights, still, she turns a deaf ear. She takes her life forgranted, unknowingly forsaking the toil of the sun.

Promises liquify. Staining the floors with its teary crimson staned patches. Guilt? How can we build something based on that?

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Baby Hippo said...

Guilt like it or not is the very thing that keeps all of us sane, it's like pain, pain tells us that something is wrong at some part of our body, which reminds us again that it needs to be fixed.

Just like pain, guilt tells us that we have done something wrong which requires fixing, and maybe for better or for worse, things can get fixed.

If there is no love, there won't be guilt, and it is precisely you care, that's when guilt comes.

Promises do not liquify, nor disappear, it just needs the constant effort to upkeep, protect and respect. No one ever said anything was going to be easy. At least on my end, I will always be willing to accept you for who you are and for how much/little you love me.

I'm not letting go, because I still believe something beautiful can still happen. Furthermore, like i said, promises do not liquify, i will just have to continue to upkeep, protect and respect my end of the deal.

You can turn on a deaf ear, and until one day the rays of this ever burning sun pierces right through your eyes, you will be back.

Nothing can be ever more true to those simple words you say to me, "no matter what happens, you will always come back to me". Saw it through your eyes, i know you, when you dare make statements like that, there has to be some form of truth in it. Which is why I will never ever stop loving you, even if you don't come back, even if I disappear, just so you know that all that was forged cannot be broken, cannot be changed.

That is bestieship. And an unconditional love for you that God himself skillfully plant in my heart. Always hoping, always waiting.