That my friend, pictured above is a good enough reason for multiple drugged returns to Sinma Laksa House in Kingsford. The Malaysian fried carrot cake as my friend describes it is like a slice of home with every bite (forgive his theatrics, he's on the brink of giving up hope of ever finding a decent carrot cake after 3 years away from home). Done as they would have in Kuala Lumpur, this was a bit too overdressed in my opinion but by every means still very authentic. The rice cakes fried with garlic, chili, dark soy sauce and beansprouts. Oh did I mention prawns thrown into the mix?


My roti canai on the other hand served with a side of chicken curry was what you would describe as sublime, transcendent and divine. Shame to say that the string of vocabulary only applies to the former; with the oil laden chicken curry casting a shadow of doubt over the marriage. The Roti Canai though was close to perfection with crisp ages and fluffy circles of laminated ghee and dough. And as I tore through the dish with mesmerized eyes and a sprinkle of sugar (my guilty pleasure), fond memories of late night suppers and before dawn breakfasts shroud me; the chatter and battering of tea spoons against glass mugs filled with piping hot tea, tucking into prata as pre-preparation for the long arduous expeditions ahead in the heart of a serene Malasysian village.

The not-so-good-for-you factor slowly fading into the background.

Sinma Laksa House
3/391 Anzac Parade
Kingsford 2032
(02) 9313 7663

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