Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya

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Media Invite

Located at the pinnacle of Orchard Central, the newly opened Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya is a rambunctious casual dining joint that scores high points for its decor (a graduation from 1950s roadside setup to 1960s Orchard Yokocho and finally to the 70s -80s Dining Izakaya) and merry making ambience. With roof access and a lovely sunset view to boot, there's more reason for food and booze enthusiasts to nestle themselves in the enclaves of Sumiya. Note that Asahi Draft Beer are priced at $4.90++ per mug as per the ongoing promotion which is proclaimed to be the lowest price in town, now that's worth a try!

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On our gastronomic journey through the premises, we were brought to the outdoor terrace, where the kindest looking Japanese gentleman greeted us. Here, patrons can have a go at the Do-It-Yourself Garden BBQ. Some of the offerings include Angus Beef, beef tongue, wagyu beef, marinated chicken and assorted vegetables. Start your weekend night of partying with an invigorating pint of beer and cheerful company over the BBQ, that pretty much sounds ideal to me.

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As we were lead back into the smokey depths of the restaurant, I came to realise how the laid back atmosphere sprawled across the huge decks sophisticated diner and outdoor terrace was conducive to the endless chatter amongst its delighted guests. Expect the standard fare at Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya, boosted only by a sprinkling of marketing magic (adore the $6/grab Moshio Edamame btw). We started with the Prawn Tempura Roll Sushi, simple and unassuming. Then moved on to the Potato Salad with Mentai Mayonnaise and Sweet Pumpkin Salad , both of which were seasoned beautifully and its creamy luscious texture added a bit of full bodied lavishness to the spread that night. The Salmon Sashimi tempted me into submission with its gorgeous rubied tones of the sliced salmon, the fresh hamachi beckoning with its evident suppleness.

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Fancy something a little off the beaten track. Try out the Do-It-Yourself Table Sumiyaki of Assorted Dried Fish, consisting of a platter of conger eel, soft smoked squid, dried baby squid, semi-dried hage fish ready to be placed on the mini barbecue pits at our tables. Curling in silent resistance to the heat emitted,their protests lead to a loud spates of natural flavors of the seas to be enjoyed. I was fond particularly of the dried baby squid that was excellent partner to a stiff glass of sake from the old fashioned tubs placed so conveniently in front of us.

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Let's not forget the promotion for the $6/grab Moshio Edamame, a real good bargain for those with seriously BIG hands. The duo, one carrying a towering basket of willowy gently salted beans at hand, and the other, toting percussion drums sure created a stir in the dining room.

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The Char-grilled Wagyu Beef Skewer and Bacon wrapped Eringi Mushroom Skewer is a delight, an example of a classic main done right. Since Sumiya specialises in the art of charcoal grill, I expected nothing less. The former served with leeks on a stick, helped to enhance the tenderness and fragrance of the beef slices.

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Last but not least, we dug into the Deep-fried Squid with Chilli Sauce, a showcase of the deep fried items included on the menu. This dish, with a sweet and savoury mix, did not pay off for me, the freshness of the squid squandered away in a chaotic mish-mash of thick red sauce.

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Sumiya pleases most with its attention to detail; memorabilia collected lining the counter tops, old school Japanese decor, completed with prompt and attentive service. Throw in the killer view and boisterous cries from the ever-so-happy staff, there's no lack of reason for more visits to Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya, especially with your best mates in tow.

Thanks once again to Rachel from The Asia Media for the gracious invite!

Sumiya Charcoal Grill Izakaya
#12-02, Orchard Central,
181 Orchard Road
Phone: 65099618

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