wah..after a whole day of running ard in the wildnerness..i can finally retire to the comforts of my room again. With numerous cuts and bruises on both legs, blackened and swollen fingers from having to chop away at the overgrown bushes. Weirdly tanned feet due to the long periods of wearing sandals and running ard. AND tremendously itchy limbs due to the crazy mozzies ard and the murderous lalang tt often tore at my skin as we trudged through the thick undergrowth. AS tiresome as dry runs are..i'm glad tt we conducted this one. Helping us to detect our faults and improvements to be made before the real race. So all the pain, exhaustion and fatigue is well worth the effort.

Jeremy drove me home after the whole dry run in the company lorry. haha. though it was rather slow as any other lorry wld be, when u're seated in it and travelling at 80km/h along TPE, it just feels reallie uber fast though other cars frequently speed fast. Guess he's right when he says that 'speed is relative'... It's about gauging ur own speed and not comparing with the others. More about personal accomplishement and satisfaction. I felt rather enlightened after a little thought. haha.

Made a cake ytd, was actually meant for Desmond but guess he cldn't collect it on time thus i had to politely tell him tt i'll bake another one next time as i cldn't bear the idea of having to present an unfresh cake to him. It wldn't be fair plus..its against my policies. Haha. Meanwhile, it was another cake popped into the oven for our dear aero cheesecake lover. haha. Thanks for ur support man. U better not make me do free delivery in future..ur hse is freaking far from mine! ahha..*kidding*

here are some pics of the satanic chocolate cake after the jump (its decievingly innocent glossy surface hides a deep dark secret, its potent nature.. WAHAHA. BARCARDI!.. watch out.*tsss..*)

insanity...YUmmiEst Chocolate cake ever. Was pleased when my Daddy ate a piece (according to my life reports from my mummy on the phone)... he usually doesn't bother giving my cakes a go. haha. But evidently, it was too tempting to resist. hehe. A devil in disguise this one, designed to make the most fervent of dieters cheat on his/her diet to get a bite of this. hehe. *evil grin* I LYKE... thus the name the 'Devil's Ode' haha.. of course it was inspired by my most recent customer as well, erm.. who has a severe knack for bargaining. haha. Oh well..

and of course the week wouldn't be complete without my weekly baking expeditions for the aero peeps who often have the 'joy' of tasting my experiements/ kitchen disasters. haha. This week, i have th ever lucious NUTELLA CUPCAKES for the crazy chocoholic and the beautiful Lemon Bars which harbor a explosive flavour of sweet-sour. haha