Fatigue in my veins

Thank goodness for th wonderful team i've gotten for EID. Apart from being brilliant, this pple are just so highly motivated and efficient. Makes us aero students look lyke a lazy bunch but oh well..there's nothing much we can do since the project is mostly about mechatronics. haha..me and my excuses. Oh well, at least it great seeing the group with such a amazing head start. haha

Bakes a batch of sable cookies for the aero pple and brought it to lab in the morning. haha..hoping it to be some form of moral booster for them. ermm not quite.. but at least Sze Fei and Jiemin (kor) asked for double servings. haha. Just a little experiement of mine. Make use of the chance to bake my own goods once in a while. haha.
oh well.for me i thought it was tad sweet, haha..but at least the peanut butter was good! hehe. A bit of negligance on my part also meant tt the lovely biscuits met with a mini time-out crisis in the oven. *woops*.. whats tt burning smell. haha..

Sigh.. late for tuition again. GOtta make a move soon. LAstly here are some pictures of the cheesecake i made for chi kun. hehe.. pureed strawberries.. *yumz*.. makes the whole world of a difference. I call it sweet fantasy... hmph.. think "fantasy" by Mariah Carey. WAHAHA. tts how its lyke..

Its up for orders btw. And yesh of course. was going to say tt delivery can be made to NTU since its the EID season now so it wld be rather convenient. haha. Yep.. Just give me a call or a msg at least 2 days before hand. Thank you!

Mother's day is in 2 days time.. GOt all my lovely ingredients ready to make my special special cake for mommy. Hope she lykes it. she's rather hard to please giving her low tolerance for sugar. But I always make do with tt. She's been complaining tt i've not baked for her for quite some time. Oh well, time to make up for all tt. *smilez*

WAH..*looking at time*... Time for me to run.. Students in need of desperate attention. Its the exam period for them you see..so its rather intensive for me too! I sure have no life... anyone wanna ask me out for a drink? haha.

sweet fantasy

I apologise intently for the immensely proportioned photos anywaz... somethings cocked up with Blogger again. haha.. its gone nuts. haha.. nonethless, do TRY to enjoy the splashings on the blog. haha. Ciao.

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