anything over tau huey is secretive... [quote of the day]

let me let u in on one secret... having rocher beancurd with a bunch of guys for supper.. erm..makes for a fun-filled gossipy session. haha. Seriously, u were wrong in thinking tt guys can be any less "bitchy" when it comes to 'story telling' time. haha. But I had fun though... Gathering with the peeps from aero after the super duper long movie ' at world's end -- Pirates of the Carribbean'. Oh yesh, it certainly was a major let-down. Part of a downward trend of sequels. Gosh.. apart from the last 30mins of swash-buckling action, everything just didn't fall into place. haha. Responses to the movie were varied though. Some loved it (apparently for Johnny Depp, another reason why i sat through the show) and some hated it like I did. haha. Oh well... but
given the BIG hype about this movie, its better to just give it a go. haha.

Orite.. Gotta head back to school soon for design. seems like my group is falling behind on preparation for the big day. Yeh..its time to get it started. Woo hoo.

Still fretting over the soon-to-expire buttermilk in my fridge... *gulp*

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