Cocktail Cupcakes

Cake + Liquor = ??

what happens when these two worlds collide? *drum roll* u get the ultimate threat... ladies and gentleman..presenting to u the...

Cocktail Cupcake!

For a long time, I've been immensely interested in creating a recipe that merged the two secret powers together. One which would unite the two in sweet symphony, deadly intoxicating yet still retaining its sweet image all the same. I've toyed with the idea of perhaps opening a bar one day which would offer an exlcusive selection of cupcakes and cocktails of course, the cupcakes would entail an air of sophistication, every one of them mimicking popular cocktails. Tantalizing to the sweet tooth yet hiding behind a mysterious cover. Every bite allowing the taster to be caught in a swirl of intricate flavors, bitterness from the dash of alcohol added, highlighted by the soft texture of the rich cake.

being reallie excited about this, i would like to conduct a poll to determine my first cocktail cupcake to be baked. Here are the nominees...

  1. White Russian: features a light coffee flavored cake base, dressed up to the nines with a lovely dash of vodka. Topped off with light cream and a devilish coffee liquer drizzle.
  2. Strawberry Daiquiri: a sweet innocent strawberry cake filled with rum soaked strawbery chunks and a dash of lime juice for that extra kick up a notch. A sprinkling of powdered sugar adds the finishing touch to this rebel.
  3. Cosmopolitan: features a simple cake dripping with the intensity of vodka added to the recipe. a little lime juice added for the extra tang. Cranberry flavored buttercream coloured in the most intense purple crowns the cake and a pretty little umbrella will be added just for keeps sake.
  4. Sex on the Beach: A true blue tropical cocktail. as naughty as its name sounds, this cake would be dripping with sex appeal. the cake, filled with the enchanting flavors of cranberry and orange, would have vodka infused peaches strewned throughout. To increase that orgasmic experience. Pineapple buttercream tops off the cake completed with a dried pineapple flower to enhance its tropical outlook.
  5. Blow Job: An intensely rich cupcake, this would feature a layered cupcake with hazelnut flavor replacing the amaretto and the top layer featuring a aromatic coffee liquer cake. Topped off with lovely swirls of fresh whipped cream and a fairy dusting of cocoa powder. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser. there are the nominees and their descriptions. the poll will only last till end of this week before i embark on my baking venture. So guys..pls do poll for ur fav cupcake flavor. the link btw is at the side! will be hoping to see a least a little response! *=)*

p.s. i'm sorrie for not putting flaming cocktails on the list due to the threats it poses to the baker. *tee hee*

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