Caught in a rut

been feeling down in the dumps lately. its a rather umfamiliar yet hated feeling. (this is probably summarised by my very moody selection of songs running on the blog. but they are nice nonetheless...)

had some reallie strong dark chocolate drink tt day avec mon petite ami mais the relief was only temporary... so peeps out there. chocolate doesn't work!

took a long jog ard the neighbourhood (to train up for stan chart marathon apparently), ended up feeling tensed up and caught in the brink of a horrible car accident.

Again, thank the Lord for keeping me under his wing.

Its strange tt i dun derive the same spiritual uplift from running anymore. Perhaps time does change a person. Though i yearn for the same feel-good rush as in the past, somehow, it doesn't come to me any longer. the sad truth...

Three birthdays this week. Had the honor of baking the cakes. Experimented with an inspiration i had encountered for Vic and Raj's bdae cake. the end product was one of luscious texture (too soft by my bestie's ideals. *sobz*) and strong aroma (derieved from the deadly mixture of coffee and light rumfor which my bestie AGAIN thought i went too heavy on the rum *boo hoo*). I was delighted at the outcome though, despite someone's negative comments. There were others who thought it was good, and in the end, i landed another order meant for a fren's mother's birthday. Delightful....

a lovely twist on the coffee walnut cake, these slew of flavors thrown into a traditional cheesecake. topped with luscious coffee liquer chocolate ganache. A treat for the a sore heart (mine of course!).. sigh.. the therapies of baking. Never ceases to amaze me.

meanwhile, i've decided to sign up for talks held for le cordon bleu the next week. wat is installed for me? perhaps a future career?

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