date with mummy

Date with Mum

let me in on a naughty little fact. i lurve shopping with mum!!! gosh.. i mean who wld resent the company of a perpetual walking, talking and breathing atm machine when the shopping cravings hit full force (and it rarely does for me.) *tee hee*.. so after a half day of tuitions, mummy and I went down to Sim Lim with the sole purpose of getting a new camera for mummy. Finally! after using the old folkie for 5 yrs. its time to retire yar. So we got a brand new one at a reallie good price (i think..figured out tt its functions were worth its price especially for a new cam; think the new advert with the pple submerged head first in water kinda lyke ducks with clicking away on their silly cameras, gosh...thought tt was silly at first, now i'm even contemplating giving tt brilliant function a test!.. so watch out for the next 'cakes overboard!' photo spread.. haha)

our sleek new camera... Oops.. i mean Mummy's sleek new camera.. *bleah*

somehow, we landed up at Taka where we had an early dinner( breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one meal for me.. Bah). a rather decent meal.. then again, anything is delicious when u're hungry. then we landed up browsing at shoes just to use the remaining 100 dollar vouchers from isetan. Got 2 pairs for myself, both flats of course.. find them to be more practical ard school. think about it, running wldn't be such a hazard when u're on flats, plus it makes kicking an enemy a much easier task. so cheers to practical flats! then the damage continued as we went along to purchase some clothes, 2 more pairs of shoes (for mummy of course!) and 2 bags! gosh.. tts crazy.. bumped into Cheryl at the show shop. Wat a small world ain't it. Glad to see her again... still awaiting out B&J's date...

Finally after all the chaos and maniac, we settled down to a nice cup of coffee at coffee bean. Give our poor tortured feet a break as well. Hey, dun look at me, lugging all those bags ard w/o the help of mummy ain't no easy task ok? yep. had a pretty nice chat with mummy dear. its been ages since we had out dates lyke this. our conversations mostly touched on family and the future. Somehow, mummy just can't grasp the fact tt i'm still under 21. And she wld go on and on about marriage and houses and children and career. I mean!!! HELLO!!! *waving*.. gosh..i haven't even gotten down to planning my 21st bdae yet and u're toking about my wedding?!?!! mayday mayday! we've got a situation here... Oops, which reminds i have to do so quickly... BAh.. wat a bother.

oh yesh, collected my linkin park tickets too! WOO HOO! we're gonna watch LINKIN PARK LIVE IN CONCERT!!! eat tt... MUAHAHA.

participated in this month's blog event hosted by Jennifer at BakeorBreak! Does My Blog Look Good in This? PLs check out the entries here. Totally love the photography featured.. makes me drool. haha. enjoy peeps... now tts screen-lick worthy food for u guys. haha. kk.. back to baking orders. *=)*

on the sidenote, i love my teddy... very much.

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