runny nose

Rainy Days Woke up to a stiffling runny nose this morning. Thank goodness for the lovely stash of songs tt i found while browsing online, spared me from certain mood swing tragedy. Looks lyke chocolate only does short favors for the lifting of ones soul, though i must say tt the chocolate fondue last night at max brenners was divine! (they changed the tray of dips from chocolate chip bread to some sorta banana cake i think, but tt was good as well! i mean hell yeh, anything goes with a warm luscious coat of chocolate! no denying tt... *slurps*.

so getting down to the point, the featured artists for this week are Dewi the very lovely singer and Anthony the amazing guitarist on the song Private Party by India Arie. a amazingly bubbly and lively song tt will be sure to wake u up from the deep slumbers of slp. Give it a listen yar?

also, i'm a crazy fanatic about the original cover of onerepublic's song apologise (not the timberland one tt they feature on the advert of some tv commercial showing now, can't quite recall. my short term memory is reallie getting to me. Rats...) a reallie haunting song, though i wldn't advice watching the video cause it induces giddiness especially after watching the numerous objects spinning round and round the room. but nonetheless its a fantabulous track tt i've gotta share! i'll feature the timbaland version her coz its easier on the eyes. But check out the original version here.

Oh yesh, btw, Lisa Lavie, whom i've featured last week has made guest appearance on et (entertainment tonight) and has been touted as the new Mariah Carey! yay! congrats going to out to her. tt gurl has some real talent!

Orite, tts about all for now peeps, gotta swim thru my pile of books soon... or maybe i cld spare a little for baking. WAHAHA...

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