fancy a baked apple?

Fancy a Baked Apple the thought of this lovely dessert, a perfect ending to a heavy meal sends my taste buds running on high energy. Served with a shot glass (actually improvised with a candle holder tt i had bought earlier but not used) of home-made creme anglaise on the side. I couldn't have asked for anything better to end of the meal tt i had prepared for babe last friday night. Entree was white wine, proscetti, chicken and mushroom stew served on a bed of parmesan mash. but then again... nothing beats the apple!
out of the oven, the red apple puts on a nonchalent front, assuming its crisp outer appearance. No one would have realised wat was going on under the intimidating tone of red.
Only upon slicing thru the lovely hue of red then was the softness off the insides revealed. Stuffed with a mixture of cinnamon, flour, brown sugar, toasted almond meal and a little butter, finished off with a cinammon stick pierced thru the cored apple. All it took was a short 20mins in the oven for the lovely flavors to infuse into the flesh of the delicate fruit; all these done whilst savouring our main course with a glass of the finest president's selection wolfbass savignon blanc (compliments of my babe). The creme anglaise was only slightly sweet carrying the strong flavor of vanilla. it complimented the sweetness of the apple perfectly. i've never felt more gratified with such a simple dessert.


1 tbl spoon Brown Sugar

1 tbl spoon Flour

3 tbl spoon almond meal (toasted till slightly brown)

10g butter

A generous pinch of cinammon powder


  • Mix the brown sugar, flour, almond meal, cinnamon powder and butter together.
  • Core 2 apples
  • Stuff in the mixture into the cored apple centres
  • Stick a cinnamon stick into the apple centre
  • Take it in the oven at 160 degrees for 25mins or until soft
  • Serve with ice-cream or creme anglaise.

Voila... so easy. anyone can produce this picture perfect dessert tt is divine on the taste buds as well in just mins! Enjoy! (oh yesh, million thanks to my dinner partner for his lovely compliments. *cheers*

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