Playing with the Moon

After sitting around the room stacked up in the corner. My little moon-faced beauties were ready to face the sunlight!

My first ever attempts in making mooncakes were a success. Not that they were terribly good or anything but at the very least, no accidents happened and the mooncakes tasted.. oh well. like mooncakes should. I mean, Snowskin mooncakes were a hell lot easier considering you didn't have to lay them on a tray and bake them and then egg coat them and bake again right? Further more, you could incorporate so many different flavors in snowskins.. think, pandan, mango, chocolate, coffee etc.. and the fillings.. gosh.. endless. I was thinking perhaps a cheesecake centre would be nice. Or maybe a chocolate paste wrapped strawberry would deal well too!.. *gushes*. But still, lets start with the basics!

First time round, i decidingly settled for a chocolate skinned baked mooncake that involved incorporation of both melted chocolate and cocoa into the dough. The end result.. a lovely chocolate biscuit like coat for the mooncake filled with White lotus paste and almond nibs.

Then the other two, traditional mooncakes; one batch filled with White Lotus Paste and Toasted Melon Seeds; the other, a black sesame paste core encased by toasted black sesame seed studded white lotus paste to add dimension to the final product.


verdict: the bases were a bit charred and burnt in the process of baking. i reckon i would turn to my silcon baking mat instead of parchment paper. I can't believe i forgot to sprinkle water on the mooncakes before putting them in the oven. ARGH.. (makes a mental note to myself)

At the very least, I've got set by set performing quick disappearing acts from my house. Don't they make such awesome gifts for the upcoming mid-autumn festival?

Soon to come.. Snow Skin Mooncakes!


news about the upcoming bakesale at NUS science foyer bazaar!

Meanwhile enjoy my current favorite song! "lucky" by Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat

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