So i end this mooncake making fiesta not with an empty stash of paste but on a note of dwindling passion. gasps.. whats new actually. Guess mooncakes all that fun really. Had to trash my intial plans of trying out the several snowskin mooncakes that I had scribbled down because of a several lack of time. groanz... blame it on my poor time management. Then again, with a little experience under my belt from this year's trial; I'll return back with a vengance and determination to conquer more intriguing flavors!

Last mooncake feature, a vanilla custard pandan lotus paste mooncake. The vanilla custard cracked up at several places. Perhaps because i oversteamed it a little. *buggers* But I'm certain that the flavor would be a hit paired up with a green tea snowskin. Next year.. next year...

So before i bid farewell to the season and ponder about what to do with my purchased mango lotus paste, chocolate lotus paste and remaining pandan lotus and black sesame pastes.. here's presenting to you a roundup of the mooncakes i've made.

1st row (left to right): red bean, chocolate mooncake with white lotus, vanilla custard pandan lotus mooncakes, pandan coconut mooncake
2nd row: Orange poppyseed snowskin red bean paste mooncakes, white lotus paste melon seeds, Black Sesame Mooncake, Vanilla Custard Pandan Lotus mooncake
3rd row: Orange Poppyseed Snowskin Red bean Paste Mooncakes, Pandan coconut Mooncake, Chocolate Mooncake with White Lotus

Next big thing? Operation Neon-Love!!!

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