our first year

Recollections of a year to remember...

to teddy. 1st year

so for once in my life, a year of life with someone else other than my 'alter ego' and 'imaginary twin sister' did pass by pretty fast. To be honest, for me, this has been both an accomplishment (to a certain extent) and a comforting experience. Through our differences and personality clashes, we have lugged thru a tangle of conflicts, arguments and constant scubbles. Yet, throwing all the indecent and crude remarks spoken in the course of frequent war at each other, there was a lingering stronghold of love and need for each other that always seem to take control at the end. Leaving all else in the dust.

That was what i relinquished the most... someone whom i could depend on in times of trouble. Someone whom i could trust to love me the way i was and whom, that someone i could love wholeheartedly in return.

Thanks baby boy for helping me seek the light when i was lost in pitch darkness. You have made me love again, and in all respect, i give you my only gift, my love in return.

I love you babe!

Happy 1st year anniversary...
and I pray for many more to come...

p.s. thank you for the lovely Amedei and Michael Cluizel Chocolates.. *swoons* They certainly are out of this world!!!

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