The Retreat

If only I could turn back time...


With the warm afternoon glows from the sun peering thru the balcony, I was completely enchanted with the scene that stood before me. The soft scent of lavendar, the lovely smell of clean sheets and the soothing tang of bossa nova music in the background.. along with the strong reassuring grip of babe's hand as he stood by my side.

'Welcome to The Retreat, Sir and Mdm.'

Did i pray for the weather to be this way? Shucks.. i had forgotten. Yet the Lord generously bless this special occasion with the finest... I was grateful.

My first year anniversary with the most precious guy i know. My gift to him, a couple spa package stowed away in the more rural part of singapore. A private room with our own open-air jacuzzi and masseurs on the top floor of the hotel along with a lovely chocolate fondue set. Best thing was, i myself was surprised at the standard and the charm of the relaxed settings of the place.


The day was perfect. we soaked around leisurely in the spa gulping down copious amounts of green tea on the side and enjoying the chocolate fondue. More important then not was the company of my most darling boy at my side.. Views from the hot tub were spectacular with the planes approaching changi airport flying close by. The massage therapy was etheral as well. More for me than him though as it was his first experience. I guess after having such a tiring week, I even manage to catch a little snooze during the action. The scent of aromatic oils drifting with me into a shallow slumber. Indeed a intimate and relaxing experience for the both of us.

Dinner was spent at La Cantina also located on the top floor of the Changi Village Hotel. The food though on the expensive side was comforting and generous in proportions. The Crabmeat Linguine was to die for with large chunks of crabmeat interspersed throughout the creamy pasta... Yum..


Another blessed day spent with my baby boy... Thank you Lord.


Flourchild said...

OMG are you two not the cutest couple alive!! I love this post. Your pictures are amazing and girl you are a beauty queen!!

Sihan said...

orhh.. thanks lady!.. though i think i'm pretty far from that. *beams*