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Hey Guys and Gals...

I know something has gone terribly wrong with the blog these few days. Didn't have the time to correct the design fault either. But I'm praying that its okay now though my boyfriend still claims to see the 'Oops!..' msg on the screen. Oh well.. I have no idea. *shakes head*. Thank you to all those who are still returning to this blog. And thanks to those who have passed me lovely compliments on the mooncakes. *cheers!*

swirl bundt

meanwhile, I would like to apologise for my absence from TWD this week. I promise to make up for it with two batches of cookies next tuesday. Chocolate Chunkers and the previously called for Chocolate Whopper Malted Drops! I've even bought the ingredients for the latter already. Just Haven't got down to baking. Meanwhile, the family gladly keeping the leftovers from the bakesale for after dinner snacks and munchies! Remember the 2 day bakesale i was talking about from the 8th to 9th September at NUS Science Foyer. I'm glad and slightly relieved to announce that it is finally over. *phew*... feeling a bit exhausted from the sales...

So here's the low down on the two days of activity with a few photos as accompaniment. Not much though as my camera batt was going low on battery power.


the two day bakesale saw us (I and my partner Vicki) selling everything from cupcakes to breads to brownies to bundt cakes and even waffles. Trying to anticipate the crowd favourites or possibly what would be more popular amongst the science students was a major pain in the ass. Not to mention the flow of the crowd along the other side of the bazaar due to its convenient location on the pathway from the bus stop to the canteen. throngs of people just walked behind us, totally ignorant of the placing of our stall situated on the 'wrong side of town'. And trust me, that sucked BIG time!!!
Business in general was slow and when i say slow.. i meant turtle slow... Perhaps the people here don't have the spending power or perhaps they just didn't see a need to buy such confectionary goodies despite the slashed prices. It was rather demoralising at some point. Still, I would like to thank all my friends especially my dearest cousin Velda who dropped by on both days to support us! And also to Cheryl and Estelle for whisking by the booth. Babe for sticking by me thru the baking sessions and for all help in transporting and logistics. And last but not least, to my dearest partner Vicki. It was great working with this girl... She may be young..(erm..i feel like a dinosaur beside her) but her energy and entrepreneurship sure is impressive! Another collaboration sometime again soon? *smilez* Meanwhile, its time to kick back and sayang the oven a little while... It's going to be up for another challenge soon!


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