waddling in a swamp

I've become the swamp thing...

Slowly disappearing, i'm performing my mystical vanishing act once again. Despite the nagging conscience urging me on, my efforts are weak and almost non-existant. I broke down this morning, unable to bear the brunt of the stress and the fact that other suffered because of my negligance. Somehow distracted by the many other occurances in my life, the big event bake-off (held at the funky Butter Factory night club) that had kept me occupied for 2 days and nights and whole lot of planning done before hand. It was crazy... a multitude of bakes ranging from lemon meringue tarts to buffet sized cake slices and tons of cupcakes. I was driven round the clock by this project, yet i didn't bear a single complaint...

It's the heart that drives people. And its obvious where my heart lies now... and probably the only thing I'm good at.

just a sidenote, i love the butterfly earrings worn by Heidi Klum at the Emmy Awards... gorgeous!!!
some of my favourite dresses...

Olivia Wilde from 'House'; dress designed by Reema Arca

Marcia Cross from 'Desperate Housewives'; dress designed by Elie Saab

Vanessa Williams from 'Ugly Betty'; Designed by Kevan Hall

Love it or hate it?

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