dining out: Tatsuya


'Can we have japanese food?' My mind quickly drew into a clastrophobic space, besides the usual suspects, where should I turn to? It's easy to get too comfortable with the staples, not that its a bad thing, but what if I wanted a taste of something new, to sedate the inquisitive taste buds? Racking my head for a quick alternative, I turned to my friend LadyIronChef for help. And together we came up with this! Tatsuya for their value bento set lunches for Valentines day!


One thing that recives my 10 point score card about Tatsuya is their absolutely fantastic service. Upon arrival into the restaurant, we were greeted by the most jovial lady waitress I've ever met. Serious! With a gracious attitude and a most charitable spirit, she guided us patiently thru the menu, despite her main challenge with a most indecisive boyfriend in tow. In the end we settled for the lunch bento sets accompanied by ala-carte sushi, which I couldn't resist after coming to know of all the fans it had picked up along the way.

The sushis were made to order at the front chef's table as soon as we ordered. The Chef skillfully moulded the ball of vinegared rice with a dab of greenish heat between his palms. A beautiful slice of silvered kanpachi placed on the top. Then another, this time a glorious hotate taking on its his place on the throne. Enthralled, my taste buds were tickled by the freshness of the fish. Then I thought to myself, if I have had the extra cash, this affliation could have resulted in a lot more damage. But we let that pass, just in time for the main actors to take the stage.

Terriyaki Chicken bento set for the boy and the Ladies's lunch set for me! After taking a close look at the items perfectly nestled in their cubicles in the box, I was grateful for once that there was the impression that ladies could consume a surmountable lump of food. A lovely dose of sushi, accompanied by the most glorious looking tamago and cold white flat noodles on the side. The chawanmushi topped by orange zest was a refreshing way to start the meal, the tanginess and acidity of the fruit cutting thru the heaviness of the egg custard. brilliant. Full marks again for the cold noodles which I happily slurped down with gusto. The sauce, filled with notes of soy sauce, chopped ginger, spring onions and raw quail egg went perfectly with the springy noodles. And needless the say, the rest of the sushi-s in line prolonged my sweet affair with Tatsuya.


Well, Tatsuya is clearly in a league of it's own when it comes to serving up true authentic Japanese fare thus the more exhorbitant prices. But in all respect, it's truly worth all the money you spend. Just to play it safe, try to visit during lunch times; at least that's what I would do again the next time I visit!

p.s. a huge lump of gratitude goes out to Brad for helping me make the reservation whilst I'm in Dubai! THANK YOU!

Tatsuya Japanese restaurant
22 Scotts road
Goodwood park hotel
Tel: 6887 4598


ladyironchef said...

hee glad you all have a good time! so when are u going back for their dinner? :D

SiHaN said...

Brad: it was fantastic... wah.. i'll go back for lunch again man. dinner will burn a big hole in my wallet sia. cannot. wei...u so busy.. i didn't get to meet while i was back lor. What a pity.