Chase me


photo taken from my melbourne collection

Impish kids.
They tackle, waddle off with your items and turn, a slight giggle turn gurgle escape their lips.
Teasing gets them attention.
They glow in anticipation for your outreached arms, the chase.
You feign a mad goose chase followed by a bear hug and a slight toss in the air.
The laugh escalates into delirious spurts of happiness.

Once again, they escape your grasp,
you feign disinterest in giving chase.
Arms crossed.
He looks over his shoulder,
the upturned lips take a quick dip.
A snort of discontent,
eyes that call out desperately to be seeked.
You crumble,
sigh and raise your lead-like arms,
pick up pace.

The Game is on.

Question is, what happens if he stops the pursuit?
My fear...neglect.


Anonymous said...

You know i am always willing to take over the pursuit. Smile.

SiHaN said...

*beams*. to mister anonymous. I'm glad you are.