p.s. place my heart in the center of yours.


If you have to derieve a reason before embarking on any action, nothing would happen.

precisely why we ended up at the doors of Centre PS after hearing the thud of hearts dropping ( a natural response originating from the trepidating heart put to rest when we found out that Forty Hands was closed. Note: Do not visit the latter on a Monday.).

In all due, 'positive outcomes only' mentality, we ordered 2 gâteaux slices to share. The first, grand cru royal; smooth bittersweet chocolate mousse supported on a bed of crisp hazelnut praline base. An over-done and overkilled combination, centre ps does actually carry quite a decent rendition of the dessert.


The Mont Blanc though was quite a let down with the slightly hardened and packed chestnut toppings serving as a tell tale sign of staleness. Apart from that, it was an average run of the mill dessert, with the chestnut sweetened to a tolerable level and the crisp sable base a lovely contrast to the cream center. I guess I would admit to my biasness towards flor patisserie's slightly creamier version.

I noticed gargantuan macarons in pretty boxes and lollipop sticks suspeded throughout the shop. Perhaps those warrant a try on my next visit...


Centre Ps Pte Ltd
78 Guan Chuan Street
#01-43 Singapore 160078
Tel: (65) 6220 1285
Fax: (65) 6220 1284


Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat -10.00 am to 8.00 pm
Sun - Closed

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