Worth two stares at least.


Let's play this game. Guess how many different combinations of pasta can you get of the 4 different pasta bases, 10 mains and 4 sauces? Now that's a math problem worth a little brain storming before a hearty meal at Kichn.

(honestly, I think the answer is 160 but I'm a little afraid of the slander that may follow regarding my lack of mathematical prowess)


We arrived at the rather shady alfresco settings of the dining place on a scorching afternoon. Since I was the only one on an empty stomach, I took a quick glance at the menu and placed my order. What could be better then homemade noodles in chilli crab sauce with chicken cutlet? (Respite my lack of knowledge that the homecooked noodles referred to the comforts of instant noodles that we eat at home...CLEVER move by Kichn). The chilli crab sauce was a thick spicy sweet mess that enveloped the noodle portion of the dish and coating each thin strand. I was particularly impressed by the portion size of the chicken cutlet, lightly coated in panko crumbs and fried till just golden brown. All this, served in a lovely brown takeout box. Lovely


'Satisfying gastronomical Tantrums'

180 Albert Street
#01-05, Albert Court
Singapore 189971

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