Another one bites the dust


I know you aren't incorrigible.

But you swallowed my streusel bits and I hate you. I remember watching dumbfoundedly as the rising cake batter enveloped the chunks of buttery goodness I had laid nicely over the top.

Sometimes in life, things just unwind in the unruly manner. And when you do not reap the efforts that you've painstakingly sowed, you develop a tinge of bitterness. It may not reflect in such a pronounced manner on your behavior, but infects a subtler portion of your emotive response to future challenges. For me, I just heave a sigh of disappointment and tuck into a slice of warm cake.


Interestingly, the streusel had sunk to the bottom of the cake, building a crispy base like structure to it. It tasted ten times better 2 days later, by the end of 3 days, the cake was wiped off the platter.

Kudos to failed experiments turned brilliant moments.

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