new toy!

I can't contain my excitement.

Like the little kid in the backseat who blurts out "are we there yet?" for the umpteeneth time on his way to disneyland.

So here's unveiling the new addition to the family. Howe ( I took the liberty of naming it after the owner whom I purchased this beauty from), a QL 17 Canonet Rangefinder.


So here's in the introduction. Short and blunt. That's just the way it is since he renders me breathless with every gentle squeeze of the shutter (i need to get one of those soft release bugs!). With a banging 40mm/f1.7 lens and the sharpest viewfinder I've heard people compliment me on, (considering it's a 30year old camera now), this tugs at every heart string left in my heart.

And it works so well... Here are some photos from my recent walk-about (as Nullah from Australia would put it).

I don't want to go to jail Ma!

and around Haji Lane/Arab street area.




below are some thumbnails as well. Feel free to click on them for the full image! Hope you guys enjoy the shots. Promise to bring you more photos from my darling soon so stay tuned. Looking into the possibility of a tumblr or lomography account as a avenue to share my film photography endeavors. What do you guys reckon?



Howe said...

Hahaha... thanks for the honour. You can get those Tim Issac Bugs from Chiif.

SiHaN said...

Howe: You must find it pretty peculiar huh? Well, thanks again for pointing me to chiff!

Anonymous said...

Film is fun! I've recently just started trying out b&w film and it makes you focus on the composition rather than fiddling with all the buttons and menus on a DSLR.

SiHaN said...

dirtystall: Yes totally, film makes you focus on the fundamentals of photography, controls and composition. And only give you a chance at one shot one kill, so it's possibly more beneficial. I'm glad you enjoyed it!