Tell me a story I want to hear.


I've found a new place. Let's keep it hush.

Like a fairy tale unfolding, a magic carpet ride awaited me at the top of the stairs.

Plush mismatched chairs and sofas (all for sale). A pyramid like high roof protruding overhead. An octopus sprawled menacingly on the walls. Overturned glasses held by the base over wooden countertops. Despite the strange glances that greeted me upon my arrival, I held my own. I wanted to be here. This place drawing me in. Cafe fables and Bar stories, even its name spoke in such mysterious tones.


I settled for an iced cappuccino ($6.80) despite the place being known for its molecular gastronomy inspired cocktails. It lacked depth, the tall rod glass displacing the shot of espresso in its milky depths. Upon a simple reflection to the waiter, he offered me an additional shot of espresso on the side. Impeccable service.

After settling in with a good read (naked economics) on the most luxe mahogany sofa, people slowly began filing into the small cozy space. In couples, then in singles, all raving for a piece of cocktail action after a tiresome day at work. It was like being in the midst of a crazy Arabian market place in the cartoon Aladdin only to stumble upon a secluded alley which leads to a hidden cafe.


I embraced the fleeting moment of solitude, as the sun casts its golden rays through the white banisters. With a last slurp, I headed back onto the streets.

Cafe fables and Bar stories, definitely a place worth visiting for spell-bounding adventures.


for more pictures of the lovely furniture, visit 365days2play's blog

Cafe Fables and Bar Stories
Opening hours: Mon to Sun 3pm-1am
55 – 57 Haji Lane


Amasou Umasou said...

Hey, I like this series of photos. It has been long since my last visit there. I do hope that they can offer some light snacks along with the cake menu

SiHaN said...

I'm not sure about the snacks. Didn't take a look at the menu. Maybe I'll give it a go next time!