Bake Sale

Bake Sale
Enfin! the long awaited bake sale has drawn to a close. After some hardcore slping and weak attempt to catch up with work, i can finally sit myself down to complete the blog entry regarding this event. as usual, emotions ran on a straight line with a negative gradient. After much baking and slogging away at the oven, i was filthy, sticky and not to mention dusty from the clouds of flour and cocoa powder flying ard the kitchen. I had managed to bake roughly 200 cupcakes in 7 flavors, 16 crumbles (blueberry, apple), 45 jumbo-sized cookies and 2 large cakes. All these performed under a serious lack of sleep and hardly any rest in btw. But all the hard work paid off just by catching a simple smile or satisfaction on a customers face or the gushing compliemts of a returning buyer. one of those, and WHAM..i was one happie cupcake momma.
Damages done: a burn mark on my forearm when the hot tray in the oven slide onto my arm after coming out of the oven. *OUCH*
lovely chewy chocolate chunk cookies tt my mummy helped me to pack nicely into my cookie jar. hehe.

estatic from the 3 days of business, i must say tt i'm rather proud of Claire and I at managing to pull off the booth with little experience under our belt. as we pieced everything together, arranging the different bakes on the table top, it began to look rather wholesome, lyke a table top of wholesome goodies tt appealed to mostly girls and the rare occasion of a guy stopping by to purchase something for a girlfriend or perhaps to appease his sweet tooth. But then again,we learnt the hardway about logistics and tt lots more preparation and listing had to go into the project in order for everything to run smoothly. all was well throughout the 3 days albeit for the minor mishaps tt occured in the midst. we wldn't have made it if not for the help of a few precious ones. Thanks to Zhiheng for the immense effort invested on us, ferrying me from home to nus, helping with all the heavy stuff, logistics, sales and welfare.. hehe. Reallie sorrie about the wheel clamping incident too. definitely weighs heavy on my guilt conscience. and to my ah yi as well for helping me loads. for the markers, spare change, stationary and boxes, etc... cldn't have done it w/o u guys.. of coz to my darling Claire, my pillar as well as my baker in crime. WE DID IT! *woots*... hehe. rest well k dear..u deserve it after all tt hardwork... *=)*.

Claire my baking buddy a.k.a the waffle girl.

so after the 3 days of hardcore baking and sales, the gushes and shrieks of the girls as they walk past the table laden with goodies were nothing but ordinary. 'is it real?', 'oh..SO CUTE!'.. in fact, i was kind of getting sick of those... there were the exclusive few though tt struck me truly sincere. had a few request for catering and even a caucasian girl who came back everyday asking for my caramel banana cake. at the end of the 3 days, she asked if i cld have my recipe saying tt it was the best she had ever had. oh well, how cld i say no? haha... it was a tad hard though deciding wat to bake for the nus crowd though especially with the severe time contraints i had. Hence the menu for the 3 days were as follows, caramelised banana cake, blueberry cheesecake, Chewy Chunky Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes (a.k.a anything cupcakes), and Oreo Cupcakes all on the first day. 2nd day, Berry-in-love cupcakes(white chocolate strawberry cupcakes with white chocolate coated berries), Apple crumble and Blueberry Crumble and jumbo Peanut butter cookies. 3rd day was deemed cupcake day and i baked 3 premium flavored cupcakes, the malibu pineapple cupcake, cappuccino cupcake and last but not least the caramel banana cupcake.
Observations made: whole cakes didn't go too well with customers and hence we stopped selling them after the first day. Best seller wld have to be the cookies as well as the chocolate, oreo and banana cupcakes. pple loved whimsical designs on theirs..bright colors appealed to everyone... i had mega fun decorating those as well!!!

a tribute to my cupcakes

another good point about having a bake sale in nus is the opportunity to meet old frens. i had the chance to meet up with jc frens vim, stef, greg and mel and kritikaa at their school. it was mega fun catching up with old times and toking crap lyke we used to...

overall, the bake sale had brought Claire and I much experience as well as enjoyment. Baking though pleasurable on its own, having pple appreciate ur baking is definitely a major plus point. seeing the smiles on people's faces and having pple actually purchasing and praising ur bakes was like a little taste of heaven... if only we cld conduct a bakesale in NTU, tt wld be the best!!!

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