happy birthday

heyoh! just a quick post about a few short happenings...

here's a early birthday shoutout to Gaseng! thanks for all the help mate! finally had the honour of baking ur bdae cake. hehe. glad u lyke the stars yeh.. just for u... *winkz*. remember u keep my secrets and i'll keep yours. hehe.
the signature chocolate cake with velvety chocolate frosting, adorned with toasted walnuts round the sides and star cut-outs to match the star of the show!

Watched the movie ' i now pronounced u chuck and larry' with my babe late wednesday night as well. Gosh.. to be honest, i thought the movie was just for laughs... a bit non-sensical to me. and its humour was leaning a bit towards the intolerable side. However, there were certain lessons to be taken away from this movie. the most meaningful one for me being tt you'll never knoe how hurtful ur criticisms may be till you step into the shoes of the other party. Only when you're under such true circumstances then will u feel the repurcussions and impact of ur actions and words on other people's feelings. To cut short the chase, be sensitive... always...
On the whole, definitely not some movie i wld recommend others to watch. haha. unless u're looking for some quick road to laughter, then tt wld probably be a good suggestion. You're better off at home watching a french film lyke priceless, *ahem*. which i watched AGAIN! and lent it to my student as a reward (or not) to watch as well. hoped u enjoyed it girl...

Meanwhile, here's my second shoutout going to another student of mine. Cheer up gurl! hope everything is better alr... *=)*

oh well, time to call it a day soon. Once i've gotten the freshly baked cake wrapped up and stored in the fridge. a last min order for tmr as well. Gotta wake up bright and early for decorations! Can't wait.. got a brilliant idea awaiting!

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