cherry blossoms

Delicate Lemon Rhapsody
Cherry blossoms, beautiful flowers that bloom with utmost beauty and poise. Devastatingly, they only have a week to live before they cascade lyke snow when the first strong winds or rain comes along. Yet in their short lifespan, the bring happiness and joy to the hearts of the many who have travelled far and wide to see them. For me, they remind me of peaceful moments and the beautiful mornings which were shortlived as well. While falling would only mean death to these gems, the sight of paper-like flowers cascading like snow in the lightest wind, is indeed be a captivating sight, though i've yet to see one. Beautiful disaster as they would call it.

In light of this beautiful scene fixated in my mind, I had the inspiration to bake a the bdae cake meant for order the next day. I thought about how this cake could capture the imagery of cherry blossoms falling from the trees. and I envionsed a fluffy white frosting, like a pile of delicate cherry blossoms. perhaps a light flavor that encompassed happy notions yet a melancholic nature. Slowly, the cake began to take shape and I knew what kind of cake i wanted to bake. A soft white cake with the sublime taste of lemon, filled with the slightly tangy yet delightful lemon curd and frosted with the most beautiful marshmellow frosting with a sprinkling of shreded coconut down the sides... Perfect for a joyous occasion.

Recipes derived seperately, soft white cake (from Martha's Stewert's baking handbook), lemon curd (taken from and the marshmellow frosting (from betty crockers baking book).

Pray tt the guys will lyke it tmr. waiting for their verdict ( which i fear slightly due to my particular thresehold of tart lemons as compared to others... perhaps the taste test during the making wld be slightly biased?) Pictures will be showcased tmr as well...

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