is it reallie lyke royal chocolate?

Treasures in a Bowl anyone?
And no... don't worry, the cake didn't cave in after it was baked... in fact, i cut the mini crater in the middle of the cake, sorta lyke a bowl full of chocolate coated treasures which are cut-outs from the cake as well. Hope the bdae girl lykes it!

Got a last min order ytd from a fren of mine for another bdae. Once again it the good ole chocolate cake. Divine choice (according to my reviewers apparently, have been churning out this cake on quite a few occasions this month)... moist chocolate cake complimented by nothing but smooth chocolate frosting... this wld satisfy any chocolate cravings on the spot! Thank goodness i've got all the necessary stock in my inventory. But then again, it doesn't hurt to stock up. Moreover its been ages since i've done tt.

Yeh.. hence i made a quick trip down to jurong. Once again, i pranced into the baking supplies shop and waltzed away with a big hole in my pocket (not mine technically, but dun worrie hunz.. i'll pay u back!). yep. Have a few exciting projects coming along. So do watch out for more updates soon peep

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