weekends come ard again

Weekends come ard again

had to make my delivery early in the morning before tuition..*yikes*..before the evil lizards got to the cake first of course. it was a mad rush to cck...mishaps.. rawr..
anyhow, i recieved a pleasant surprise ytd from one my students tt deserves mention. Yumunah surprised me with this gift ( a lovely little candle fitted with a blue sequined heart in it)... LOVELY! she wished me happie tutors day too! aww..tt was very sweet. thanks a lot gurl! reallie love the little gift! hope u get well soon too yar *=)* (its amazing how i never get sick considering the proximity and the frequency of lessons we've been having lately..hmph... strange..haha)
next up, after another whirlwind of events and a very filling lunch, i set out to bake my second cake for the day. an order from a classmate of mine for his gf who had read my blog and requested the same cake as one tt i baked for Ruth's bdae previously. special requests were made to lower the sugar content in the cake due to my fren's intolerance of sugary stuff, to which i gladly obliged. the strawberry charlotte was easy to bake but tough to assemble. a true creation of Sihan's from scratch, i dare say i was proud of it. and i'm glad tt the couple enjoyed the cake as well. *smilez*... Guess this cake wld be put on sale soon on my webby so do look out for it. it has named Garden of Eden due to the lovely handful of strawberries (lovingly picked out by me) tt grace the top of the cocoa dusted cake. its resemblence to a garden with lucious strawberries blossoming and bursting out from the ground has lead to its name. for me, everything was perfect except for the consistency of the vanilla scented cheese mixture tt dorned the middle of the cake. was a bit too soft for my liking and of course the strawberries on top of the cake shld still have their stalks intact. dang, shld have washed the berries myself instead of handing them over to aunty Nora who happily took the liberty of plucking out the lovely green shoots which wld have otherwise further enhanced the impressionistic view of the garden. But nonetheless it was a gorgeous cake... more for the hopeless romantic with sensitive taste buds...

more pics of the Garden of Eden

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