bread and butter pudding

Chunky Orange Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding

done! *PHEW*..feeling on top of the world now after completing a task tt i've been delaying for a long time. so its time to celebrate..with wat else but a bowl of warm, chunky marmalade bread and butter pudding fresh from the oven. heavenly... Put together in a jiffy, i savoured every texture with much familarity. Buttered marmalade accented the taste of the otherwise mild flavoured dessert. it crunchy top of burnt bread crusts was highly addictive. accompanied by a handful of sultanas and demera sugar, the crispiness of the upper level complimented the custard like consistency of the bottom. categorised under comfort food for me from now on... thanks going out to zh who dropped over to have a slice and have a nice chat with my mum... haha

orders came in last min and i again it was back to some kitchen action after tuition. thank goodness i had all the ingredients on hand (erm..not all.. but with a bit of ingenuity, all problems were resolved. no glitches!). Blueberry Cheesecake for the lady.. hope she'll enjoy it. it had a flawless exterior.. until the evil bunny appeared. ARgh.. come back here u little imp *running ard the hse after the bunny*..

oh gosh..tired again..*yawnz*

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