life is sweet

the sweetest things in life

the past few days have been filled with sweet nothings... Perhaps days lyke these only come by before the arrival of the dreadful dark days. just lyke the eye of the storm. now i await the start of school. *groanz*

Late thurs night, gaseng was nice enough to drop off the long-borrowed glasses at my hse. plus he bought me Earl Grey Dark Chocolate from France! woots...i mean its french chocolate.. WOAH!!! *jumps ard excitedly*.. took a piece of the gem and slowly savoured it. the dark chocolate was delightful, and the earl grey flavor took some while for it to reach the taste palette. But once it did, the infusion of mild tea flavor resulted in a burst of fireworks in my mouth. Crunchy bits of crushed tea leaves heightened the sensation and i was left begging for more. But nope..gotta save this little treasure for real treats only. hehe.
went by ikea tt day and guess wat did i find.. ginger thins! my gosh.. so cheap and they make a lovely snack as well. Tea anyone? beautiful sunsets...

a lovely cup of almond coffee - his my babe's (decided to go back to gone fising once more..its reallie a homely place) and my hot french vanilla which was velvety smooth... comfort in a cup.
and lastly, an order meant for an old fren of mine Yan'an from way back in secondary skool. It was nice catching up with her though i wasn't reallie the perfect location, think supermarket. But oh well, it was still nice. haha.

embrace the beautiful moments while u still have them.. for they can disappear as soon as they have appeared... live and breathe every moment as though it was your last.

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