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sorrie for the recent lack of posts lately. just rather caught up with stuff, an onslaught of birthday parties to attend to, orders to fulfill and school to attend (or pon of course..hehe). was invited to Lynn's party at the jurong country club on friday. had a good time with the rest of the wocc girls tt made the party as well. Charlene, Winnie, Ai ren and yeeling were there and we had such a great time cracking jokes.. hehe..much to the dismay of yeeling though as we went on and on about her farnie deep protruding voice when she counts "one thousand, two thousand, three thousand..grenade exploded!"..my gosh..tt was a classic. haha. then was rushed off to meet the cousins for a gathering at five star hainanese chicken rice for supper followed up by ice-cream at holland v. during which we attempted to re-establish our once close-ties with one another. however, not to any avail. guess its different now tt all of us are growned up and each one having his/her own ambitions and ideals. hard to establish tt common grounds once again. nonetheless it was a wonderful gathering with some good catching up done.

the weekend was spent tuitioning, baking(loads of it, had to rush most of my orders this week, bailey's cheesecakes from a gf to her bf, mango cheesecake for shi mu, caramlised banana cake for a bdae, another bailey's cheesecake and banana cake for a church function.)..*tired*.. haha. but still plans for the bakesale are still on the way. FYI, lady luck has shone her light upon us and with the help of a fren, I had managed to steal a booth in a nus bazaar coming up next month from the 10th - 12th sept. Of course i had to rope in Claire (a.k.a my baking buddy) to join in the venture. Can't wait!!! names cards and posters on the way! *woots*..so pls do come down to support us!!! *=)*

cldn't resist a little goodies for myself...
krispy earl grey cookies
a great accompaniment to tt steaming cup of coffee after dinner

shot of the two tier caramel banana cake tt i did for the church function... all in the middle of the night at 2am.. *nuts*

got to watch bourne ultimatum today with kp. it wasn't as good as i had expected sad to say. action wise, it was top notch, with mind blowing fight scenes. However, the ending was a bit too abrupt by my standards and failed to create a perfect ending for the trilogy. Still, i would recommend this movie to everyone, sure appeal to any action movie buff.

anyhow i digress and before i make my move..towards my comfy bed of course..i shall leave u with a photo of my stalkers.. pesky little monsters have been walking past my bedroom window everyday..perhaps lyke 5 times a day. stealing peeks into the room everytime they prance by. argh!!!..intrusion of privacy alert! haha...

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