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again, here's a random post about everything that has happened as far. Watched 'knocked up' and 'secret' recently. Reviews for both are excellent by my prespective. Knocked up involved very fresh comedy lines, nothing over-used or cliched. Hence, it does offer good chance for a hearty laughing session. Secret starring Jay Chou does not pale in comparision and has a splendid storyline to boot. I must say tt it was pretty touching, however i wasn't in the mood for tears tt day so the tissues were spared...

thanks to my babe. i got my hands on some of the macaroons from obolo as well as a box full of assorted cheesecakes and entrements. *gosh*..swear i'm getting fat already. but its okie once u lay on ur eyes on these dainty cakes. *drools*..

the macaroons on the other hand were a major disappointment. Firstly upon looking on them. their bright colours looked slighty dubious. i was apprehensive about tasting them. and trust me..these caused a droop in my lips after the taste test. as silly as it sounds, i felt sad at eating these. they were just such a let down tt i had no words to describe them. it just returned my old impression of macaroons to its original status. Evan!!! i want ur macaroons again! boo hoo *sobz*

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