feelin' the heat

*phew*..feeling the heat nowadays. as u can see from my recent posts, entries have been nothing more than mere reports of my baking escapades? what happened to my ramblings? my journey of emotions. all these seem to lost in a flurry of flour, cocoa powder, and whipping cream. But fret not pple, the cry baby in me still ain't gone yet. just sorta worn out from everything. it appears as if i'm working full time. Having to juggle school, tuitions and baking isn't tt easy a feat as i deemed it to be before. Guess i've learnt. Takes so much from u, sucks ur spirit dry.. but thank goodness for the baking stints...they are so awe-inspiring. having to bury my head to think up ideas, to butter my fingers and soap the whole kitchen down after every job just keeps me going. Thanks to everyone who has ordered from me, u guys are my inspiration....

Next up, orders for tmr's BIG day( someone else's of course), and more orders for the week. *woots*..having so much fun!

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