starry eyed surprise

Starry Eyed Surprise
Cake for the Stars...

Recieved an order from a very enthusiastic mum for her little gurl's bdae during the previous wkend. her likes, chocolate and the colour green which i got the inside scoop from her brother. Well, it so happened tt she wasn't too big a fan of green tea so my initial choice to bake the Matcha Chocolate Cheesecake had to be postponed till another occasion.

I then settled for somthing a little fuss free. the Chocolate mousse cake. courtesy of donna hay. (totally dig her book! simple, minimal yet so stylish!) to add a touch of green, i baked sugar cookies on a stick and decorated it with green icing. decided on the stars kinda look as i though the dark background of the cake gave excellent room for any sort of decoration to stand out. and hence i settled for the galaxy theme with many stars in the sky. addition of the silvery balls of sugar helped to recreate the scene. I loved its turn out, took a while to admire the cake after it was put together. Stole a cookie in the midst. it was delicious. crisp and fresh out of the oven. lets just hope it stays that way. Meanwhile, i waged war against the butter, flour and chocolate swirling ard the kitchen. Orders orders and more orders. I love baking... hate cleaning up the mess after though.

so there i was, emerging from the kitchen, exhausted and hot. Gingerly peeled off my apron strings and laid down to rest. Hmph..wait a min, i haven't got a apron do i? pity.. was thinking of getting one though. they just are such pretty little accessories to have. plus i was hoping tt by putting one on, somehow one's capability to bake is enhanced? *wishful thinking*.. haha. yeh.. but who cld resist a cute little apron? or a not so hot mama in an apron? haha.. Woops.

oh gosh..look! these are absolutely irresistible. a cheeky little apron or a sleek gorgeous apron from nigella lawson, one which sexiness oozing off its edges. Wow...i want one of those.. *sigh*...
apart from the tuitions and baking. a minor mishap took place when i was getting ready to leave the hse with my bakes for delivery. Beautiful cupcakes nicely frosted and packed, ready to be eaten in the trembling hands of its new hungry owners. somehow, my *tupid butter finger syndrome decided to act up just at tt moment and the cake box slipped off my fingers and took a rough tumble on the floor. i knew i was done for.. i sat on the floor, breathing slowing down to a raspy overdraw, tears welling in my eyes. stress.. it swept over me lyke a immense tidal wave. I felt helpless, all alone... i knoe it may sound silly but i was actually a case of a mini breakdown due to a cake accident. What's wrong with me?!?

oh before i forget. happie bdae Wei Ying! hope u lyke the cake! *=)*

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